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Hi, my name is Sam Harris & I am a psychodynamic counsellor.

I feel very strongly about equal access to therapeutic support, believing that every person Sam Harrisshould have the opportunity to experience Counselling.   I have used my personal experience to inform my work and style of communication. I will look at your perception of the world, the issue that has brought you to Counselling. Together we will find a way to resolve what we can,  and understand what can’t be directed or changed.

I have an open mind & enjoy working with all ages. I have been fortunate to work in schools, including a special needs school & a private practice.

My training began with adult counselling, then transferred to child & adolescent counselling. It’s given me such a skill set & allows me to adapt my style to each conversation I have.

I decided on my final few days of training I wanted to use my own experience of being part of a disabled family to make working with clients that have disabilities a a specialist area.

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