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Whilst working in schools I have developed group counselling. The areas which I have covered are friendship, anger, anxiety, child protection and transitional work. The groups have a psycho educational aspect to them. When doing group work there will be a common subject that unites the group, there is a strong sense of community at the school and this is a great starting point for the group. The discussion is shared and respectfully listened to. I feel that by sharing experiences, hearing the perspectives of others it can really help. The conversation is non directive in nature, but the issue that the group has been brought together for is held in mind & often the group will be aware of the reason they have come together. I will facilitate and check the understanding of all the group members, so each person can feel they have contributed and been heard. The realisation for some group members that they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings can create an even stronger connection. Even the simplest thing of understanding each other’s thoughts & worries and how this effects the individual can be so helpful.

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